La valeur ajoutée d’un meuble sur mesure

Why choose bespoke furniture

Why bespoke furniture would be the right fit for your home

Often considered too expensive, reserved for the most exclusive houses and designed by the most trendy architects, custom furniture can actually prove to be an excellent solution.

Made-to-measure furniture is advantageous for several reasons:

1) Custom furniture allow you to optimize spaces and save precious centimeters

Considering that the price per square meter of a property in Luxembourg often exceeds 7 thousand euros, a custom-made piece of furniture can be a winning choice because it allows you to make the most of the space, therefore indirectly, it makes you save money. In the bedroom, bespoke furniture could help keep everything you need within a few square feet. As for example in this modern room: here all the wardrobes were made to measure.

The attic is the typical environment where custom furniture is generally used, as it allows you to make the most of the different heights, creating furniture in hard-to-furnish spaces with standard solutions. For example, we could make cupboards, niches or a practical shoe rack in the lower part of the attic, which would otherwise remain unused. In this case too, the irregular cutting of the walls did not allow to solutions proposed by the market.

Dressing sur measure - Luxembourg, Strassen

All wardrobes were made to measure – Made-to-measure dressing – Luxembourg, Strassen

Bibliothèque sur mesure

It is necessary to devise innovative solutions, for example to be able to arrange several beds, with cupboards or relative desks.

However, as shown in the photo on the left, the idea of ​​a tailor-made bookcase to take advantage of each available corner of the room has been taken into account. The furniture fits perfectly and is designed to the millimeter.

A complete set of custom bookcases to arrange a complete wall in the home office.

2) Excellent performance even in the case of large spaces and open spaces

In larger rooms, custom furniture allows the pieces to be integrated into the same architectural structure, creating practical and functional solutions, while having a great effect.

In this proposal, for example, on the right, the cabinet integrates and hides the TV with two sliding doors.

Placard sur-mesure avec cheminet

In this living room on the left, the library is an integral part of the wall, highlights the books and incorporates a fireplace inside.

3) Create a unique and personalized environment

How many times it happened to you to enter the home of friends or relatives and find the same identical piece of furniture chosen with such care in the store? Suddenly, this much desired product becomes something already seen, a common piece of furniture. Custom furniture is rather created by hand by a craftsman who has worked wood and iron for years, selected and high quality materials to guarantee a unique and durable product.

It will be a 100% personalized item in terms of shapes, dimensions and materials. Your home will be truly unique and bespoke furnitures will be the expression of your personality.

Dressing sur-mesure - Strassen, Luxembourg

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