Architecte Pamela de Giusti

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Who is Pamela de Giusti

Born in Conegliano, Italy, Pamela de Giusti studied at the Artistic Lyceum of Vittorio Veneto with a specialization in architecture and furniture. After her studies, she enrolled at the IUAV University of Venice, an Italian university specializing in architecture. She graduated in 1999 with an engineering thesis.

During her professional career, she has had the opportunity to pursue a professional career in the largest and well-known Italian companies in the furniture manufacturing sector and to know in detail products, materials and manufacturing processes.

Since 2015, Pamela de Giusti has lived and worked as an interior designer and decorator in Luxembourg.

Thanks to my work, I strive to make visible the soul of those who live in houses. How? By choosing carefully, in a coordinated and coherent way the different elements that will build up the house, the place where everyone should be able to relax and feel at ease.

Pamela de Giusti


The company Ideas Factory Sarl

Created by Pamela de Giusti in June 2016, Ideas Factory is an architectural and interior design studio based in Soleuvre, serving national and international clients. The company manages all the works, from the design phase to the final realization, including the sale of furniture.

Ideas Factory was born from the conviction that creating a house (or a commercial structure) is nothing more than the pursuit of the person where he would like to live there. After understanding the needs and tastes of customers, we plan to make the desires visible so that users can feel good in a space. All of this is coordinated in all its aspects, taking care of the different stages of production of the plants in the finishes.


Our ambitions

Our ambitions for tomorrow will be to continue creating harmonized, warm and functional spaces, a “home sweet home” where we feel comfortable.