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Why hire a professional architect in Luxembourg

Why should I hire an interior designer for renovate an apartment, review the configuration of the living room, relook the bathroom or build an extension?

According to an article published on  Luxembourg Wort, real estate prices sees an average increase in the European Union of 4.2% in the second quarter of 2019, while Luxembourg sees an 11.4% explosion for the same period of the year. The publication “Luxembourg in figures 2019” published by STATEC says that apartment prices (in EUR) have increased on average from 322,336 euro (2010) to 472,656 euro (2018). Investment costs are high. Why then should I also pay for an interior designer?

A guideline for your renovation and development project

It may seems strange but hiring a professional for redecorate a house could help save money.

Who is an interior designer ?

An interior designer is a professional who has a degree in architecture and deals with interior design from A to Z providing functionally successful and aesthetically attractive interior spaces.

10 good reasons to choose an interior designer in Luxembourg

  1. Knowledge: you can take advantage of a professional that can offer you the necessary experience in interior design.
  2. Piece of mind: you will have someone at your service who will help you finding the best interior design solutions.
  3. Overview: thanks to 3D views and mood boards, you can preview the final result.
  4. Less expenses: you will avoid repair costs resulting from DIY errors
  5. The professionalism of the project will increase the real estate value of the apartment / house
  6. Save time
  7. Budget management: an interior designer helps you to stick to your budget and keep it under control
  8. Professional network: the interior designer can choose and contact other specialists like electricians, plumbers, painters, …
  9. The architect takes charge of the development of electrical plans (outlets and switches) in line with the new furniture layout
  10. You will not have to worry about construction site monitoring: a single contact will follow all the steps for you, supervise the work and coordinate the workers. The interior architect visits the site periodically also during construction and installation of the furniture.

Are you consider hiring an interior designer in Luxembourg?

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