Transforming a garage into a living space


Giving up the garage to transform it into a livable space can be an interesting renovation project for several reasons. First and foremost, this modification can significantly enhance the usability and livability of an entire floor, allowing for the creation of a more spacious and uncompromising living area.
A few months ago, a young couple approached our interior design firm with the following request:

My wife and I have had an offer accepted for a semi-detached house and we are keen to carry out some renovations before moving in. Would you be able to assist here?
We want to convert the ground floor garage into a living room by replacing the garage door with a large window and creating an opening in the interior wall. We will then carry out interior design works to make it a livable space

The house was located in Senningerberg, a district in the commune of Niederanven, not far from Luxembourg City. It was appreciated for its peaceful residential character and proximity to Findel Airport. Despite the house being only around 30 years old, the ground floor offered underutilized and poorly designed spaces.

Maison jumelée Senningerberg Luxembourg
Garage existant

Existing Situation

Situation existante

The garage was at street level, and the young couple was willing to forgo it to gain an additional livable space. As shown in the existing situation plan, the corridor was excessively wide (over 2 meters), representing a needlessly wasted space. The living room was situated at the end of the corridor, but its dimensions did not even allow for the placement of a sofa, for example.

The kitchen was tucked away in the farthest corner, at the back on the right, in a cramped space adjacent to the garage. This layout did not provide any useful space for a dining area, as the old kitchen only had a snack counter. Demolition work is highlighted in yellow.

vue du couloir - situation existante
vue de la salle à manger - situation existante
Démolition du garage - vue de l'intérieur
Démolition du garage - vue de l'intérieur

Project and Explanation

Situation projetée

The clients’ request was to obtain a new room to use as a living room and to reconfigure the kitchen and dining area layout. The idea was to work on the entire ground floor to create a much larger and uncompromising living space. Construction work is highlighted in red. Two partitions added at the entrance achieved a dual purpose:

– Creating a space that could truly be defined as an entrance.
– Allowing for the relocation of the kitchen to the former living room space and the dining area to the former kitchen.

The space that was previously occupied by the garage was transformed into a living room, while the wall separating it from the old kitchen was demolished. The garage door was replaced with a large window, and thanks to the removal of the interior wall, it was possible to introduce more natural light and create a smoother connection between the spaces.

Firstly, a building permit application was submitted to the municipality to obtain administrative authorization. In Luxembourg, the application must be made by an architect registered with the OAI (Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils). Once the permit was obtained, various tradespeople were involved, including a construction company, an electrician, and a plumber.

When their work was completed, a new kitchen was installed as the first phase of the project. The homeowners opted for a kitchen with a central island. The kitchen features white laminate cabinets with a Dekton countertop. Dekton is an ultra-compact material designed and patented by the Spanish company Cosentino. It is the result of many years of research and development in the field of solid surfaces. Its composition is a mixture of highly compressed natural materials, including glass, porcelain, and quartz. The cabinets have a Red Wood laminate finish. The same material was used to create fluted cladding panels in the entrance, concealing a door leading to the lower floor of the house. In the living room, the same material was used for decorative cladding and behind the television.

Overall, this ambitious renovation project took approximately four and a half months from the date of the permit application.

rénovation en cours - le nouveau séjour

rénovation en cours - le nouveau séjour

rénovation en cours

Après -
Après - vue du couloir
Après - vue du salon
nouvel îlot de cuisine
cuisine avec îlot central
cuisine avec îlot central